Self-Cleaning Cat Brush $19.99
Effortless Grooming: The Self-Cleaning Cat Brush with an adjustable needle comb and gentle rounded head makes grooming a breeze. Massage Function: Keep your cat relaxed and tangle-free with the built-in massage feature, ensuring a pleasant grooming experience. Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the brush - our one-key hair removal makes it quick and convenient. Introducing the Self-Cleaning Cat Brush - The Ultimate Grooming Solution for Your Feline Friend! Tired of struggling with tangled fur and shedding? Our Self-Cleaning Cat Brush is here to save the day! This innovative brush is designed with your cat's comfort in mind. The adjustable needle comb bends at a 60-degree angle, reaching those tricky spots with ease. Its gentle rounded comb head ensures a pain-free grooming experience, while the built-in massage function keeps your cat relaxed and happy. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the brush - our one-key hair removal feature makes it a breeze. With a non-slip ergonomic grip, you'll have complete control while grooming your cat. Crafted from durable ABS and stainless steel, the Self-Cleaning Cat Brush is built to last. Give your cat the pampering they deserve. Order your Self-Cleaning Cat Brush today and say hello to a well-groomed and happy kitty!
Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Brush $19.99
Looking for a quick and easy way to remove your pet's hair? Look no further than the One-key Pet Hair Removal Brush! This innovative pet grooming tool is perfect for quickly and easily removing hair from your cat or dog. The brush is made of high-quality material that is gentle on your pet's skin and won't cause any irritation. The unique design of the brush allows you to quickly and easily remove hair from your pet's coat without having to use any harsh chemicals or detergents. The One-key Pet Hair Removal Brush is the perfect solution for keeping your pet's coat looking clean and healthy. Specifications:Product Name: One-key Pet Hair Removal BrushMaterial: ABS+ Stainless Steel needleSuitable for cats and dogs
Self-Cleaning Pumpkin Brush $28.99
Say farewell to cat hair troubles with the Self-Cleaning Pumpkin Brush!  Tired of cat hair everywhere? Meet your new feline-friendly cleaning companion. This brush effortlessly tackles shedding, leaving your kitty and your home clean and hygienic. The self-cleaning buttons ensure quick and efficient hair removal. With 232 HTPE protection points on the steel needles, it provides a gentle and massaging effect your cat will adore. Suitable for cats of all sizes and coat types, it's your one-stop solution for a well-groomed cat and a tidy home. Specifications: Material: ABS, HTPE, Stainless Steel Item Color: Purple/White/Green Size: 20.2 x 8.5 x 7 cm (7.95 x 3.35 x 2.76 inches) Don't wait to say goodbye to cat hair woes! Order your Self-Cleaning Pumpkin Brush today.
Self-Cleaning Hair Brush $27.99
Features:Efficient and non-skin-damaging: Quickly clean up pet hair, smooth it with one comb, no frizz.One-key hair removal: One-click hair removal, tear off the whole piece, reasonable key height to keep the comb surface level with the comb head, lightly press after brushing, one-key hair removal.Slip-resistant handle: The handle adopts a diamond-shaped grip, which is fashionable and non-slip more comfortable.15°comb: Golden 15-degree comb teeth, each comb tooth is equipped with massage beads, allowing pets to enjoy combing.
Pet Groomer from $24.99
Looking for an easy and painless way to remove knots and tangles from your pet's fur? Look no further than the Pet Groomer! This double-sided comb is perfect for all types of fur, whether it's long or curly. The sharp, stainless steel teeth make short work of any knots or tangles, and the curved design is gentle on your pet's skin. Plus, the comfortable grip handle ensures that you won't tire your hand while brushing. Your pet will thank you for making groom time a breeze with the Pet Groomer!
Pet Grooming Hammock $19.00
Introducing the Pet Grooming Hammock – the perfect way to keep your pet safe and comfortable while trimming, cutting nails, and bathing. Constructed from breathable cloth material, it is designed to be comfortable for pets and does not hurt their skin. It hangs over them completely covering four corners and their head which allows a perfect mount that is pain-free. The large contact area of the cloth ensures your pet will not be restricted or feel uncomfortable when hanging in the hammock. It provides all the relaxation they need while they are being groomed without any strain or stress. Get your Pet Grooming Hammock today and make grooming time easier than ever!  Specifications:Name: Pet Grooming HammockMaterial: PolyesterApplicable Objects: Cats, DogsColor: Army Green/Red/Blue/BlackPackage: Cat Beauty Hammock + 2 Hooks
Rechargeable Pet Nail Gri... $49.00
Indulge your pet in friction-free grooming with this rechargeable pet nail grinder. The grinding wheel is designed to gently remove layers, leaving your pet’s nails perfectly groomed and polished. Best of all, it’s low vibration and low noise so your pet won’t feel scared or stressed during the process. You can also easily clean off the grinder after trimming. Plus, its rechargeable USB cord makes portability a breeze at home or on the go!  This nail grinder is great for small, medium, and large pets alike – make perfect manicures and pedicures possible right in your own home! For a fuss-free and gentle experience for you and your furry one, invest in this rechargeable pet nail grinder today!   15X3.5X3.2 cm

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