$29.90 USD $39.90 -26% OFF


$29.90 USD $39.90 -26% OFF


Upgrade your cat's playtime with the ScratchCordion
– the ultimate 2-in-1 scratching board that's a game-changer for both your pet and your furniture!

 🐾 Say goodbye to scratched furniture: Our innovative design blends entertainment and furniture protection seamlessly.

🐱 Give your cat endless fun: Your feline friend will love sinking their claws into this satisfying and engaging scratching board.

🎾 Bonus playtime: The package includes a playful ball for interactive fun, keeping your cat entertained. You can even combine multiple into one!

😺 Suitable for cats of all ages: the ScratchCordion offers a perfect outlet for natural scratching instincts, saving your furniture from their claws.

Get the ScratchCordion today, providing your furry friend with an engaging scratching solution while safeguarding your precious furniture. Treat your cat to a gift they'll adore and create a harmonious living space for both of you. 😸😺

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