Automatic Laser Cat Toy

$19.99 USD

Automatic Laser Cat Toy

$19.99 USD


1. Each time it is turned on, it can last 15 minutes, and it will be again after 1.5 hours. Turn on automatically for 15 minutes and cycle in turn;
2. Funny cat mode can be divided into two types: automatic mode and manual mode;
3.5 kinds of angles to adjust 5 kinds of motion trajectories;
4. Dual power supply (4 AA dry batteries + USB power supply); the product is shipped without batteries
5. Silent motor;
6. The laser light is industrial-grade laser light (can be used for a long time)
7. There are two gear selections for laser speed to suit cat preferences

Three modes, height adjustable, timing off, dual power supply mode, handheld mode, interesting shape

Product size: 7*7*18.5 cm
Main function: Laser tease cat
Color classification: white gray
Weight: 225g
Main material: ABS

Power: 5 volts one ampere

Rated power: 2.5W

Package Content:
Funny cat + charging cable + screwdriver

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