Happy Summer Cooling Mat

$59.99 USD $79.99 -26% OFF


Happy Summer Cooling Mat

$59.99 USD $79.99 -26% OFF


🌬️ Refreshing Coolness: Crafted with natural materials, it provides a refreshing and breathable surface for your cat, ensuring they stay comfortably cool.

🐾 Durable & Scratch-Resistant: Built to withstand playful moments, this mat is scratch-resistant and designed to repel cat hair, making it easy to clean.

🌟 Layered Comfort: The layered sleeping pad design keeps your cat away from dampness, offering cloud-like softness for a sound and cozy sleep.

🧩 Size Options: Available in various sizes to suit your cat's preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for their comfort needs.


Introducing our Happy Summer Cooling Mat for cats, specially designed to provide a refreshing and comfortable space for your feline companion. Crafted with natural materials, this cooling mat offers a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

The mat creates a cool and breathable surface that provides a refreshing sensation without being icy. Your cat can sleep soundly on this cloud-like softness, experiencing ultimate comfort during the summer months. The layered sleeping pad design helps to keep your cat away from dampness, ensuring a dry and cozy resting place.


Durability is a key feature of our Happy Summer Cooling Mat. The mat is scratch-resistant, allowing it to withstand your cat's playful antics. Plus, the surface is designed to repel cat hair, making it easy to keep clean and free from fur.

Crafted with a top layer of thickened rattan, an interior filled with sponge PP cotton, and to enhance safety - the mat is equipped with an anti-slip design on the bottom, ensuring it stays securely in place even during active moments.

We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different preferences. The dimensions are as follows:

  • S size: 13.8in × 17.7in (35cm × 45cm), weighing approximately 0.26lbs (0.12kg)
  • M size: 19.7in × 23.6in (50cm × 60cm), weighing approximately 0.51lbs (0.23kg)
  • L size: 23.6in × 29.5in (60cm × 75cm), weighing approximately 0.71lbs (0.32kg)
  • XL size: 27.6in × 35.4in (70cm × 90cm), weighing approximately 0.97lbs (0.44kg)
  • XXL size: 47.2in × 35.4in (120cm × 90cm), weighing approximately 1.52lbs (0.69kg)

These size options ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your cat's comfort needs. Please note that the measurements are approximate.


Invest in your cat's comfort and well-being with our Happy Summer Cooling Mat. It's the purrfect choice for providing a cool and cozy retreat during the warmer seasons.

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